Hey Everyone, 

     Lately, I have had a few people just randomly show up at my home looking for a massage. Which, to me, is strange, because although I do work from my home, I never put my address online or on my business cards. I never give my address to anyone who doesn't book an appointment. Most people know, I don't accept walk ins. In fact I say it on my website, in more than one place. So, I would just like to give a reminder out to everyone, please do not just show up randomly at my home. If you would like a massage, please book an appointment. There are several reasons, which I won't get into, that I do not ever accept walk-ins. I know there is a lot of information on my website and not everyone reads everything, so I can see how people could miss that bit of information. I tried to make it easier by putting a larger reminder on the home page. It should be more noticeable and easier to find and read. It's very important people adhere to this rule and I thank all the people who do. Thank you all for reading this and I hope to see you all soon, by appointment of course. You can all book online at www.massagebook.com/biz/sensomassage  There are buttons all over my website that will take you to my booking website. You can also text me at 503-477-6739  I do prefer text to phone calls,it's easier and I can't always answer. If you do decide to call, please leave a message with a name, phone number and what modality of massage you are wanting, or I will not call back. Thank you all for your time, enjoy your weekend. 

                Martina LMT 18248