For many years now and after coming in contact with tons of people, I have come to realize that there is an alarmingly large amount of people who need a massage, want a massage, and would greatly benefit from a massage, but are too afraid to get one because they have body image issues. This is something I can completely relate to and understand what may be going through many peoples heads. However, there is hope for everyone! I want to help all these people so badly. I pass no judgement and would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable. People with body image issues very rarely get a massage even when they are in pain. When they do, they are as stiff as a board on my table, never relaxing and makes the whole massage completely pointless and since they are so tense, it's hard on my body as a therapist because I have to work against their resistance the whole time. 

       There is something I want everyone to know, and that is as a therapist, a fellow human being and someone with a big heart, I would not, will not ever judge someones body or make anyone ever feel uncomfortable. Being massaged is a very intimate thing. After all there needs to be a great level of trust between a client and the therapist. I will never do anything to make you feel "exposed", "discriminated against", "ugly", "awkward" or any other number of things. People come in all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, orientations, ect.. I understand that and I also understand that a lot of people don't feel comfortable in their own skin, they don't feel comfortable with other people seeing them at their most vulnerable state of being and allowing someone to touch them. 

      For example, and I'll use myself in this example. I went in for my first massage ever about a month before I started to attend college for massage therapy. I was so nervous, and I didn't even want to get undressed. I had a male therapist, who by all accounts was very nice, and respectful. I was still a nervous wreck. I didn't want my body with all of it's "fluff" hanging out. I was afraid the therapist was shooting laser beam eyes through the back of my head, judging my body, "making fun" of me in his head. "Oh goodness, what must he think of me" I was thinking the whole time, and because of that I couldn't relax. The room was brighter than I would've hoped, there was music but my head was off being paranoid so I couldn't even tell you if it was relaxing music or not. I saw him a few times overall, and each time I felt a little better, but still pretty self-conscious.  The point I'm making is that, I understand the though process and the fear that goes into having these issues and with that knowledge I have become very sympathetic to people who harbor those issues. 

       I have had several clients who come in with these issues and I do everything within my power to make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We take baby steps to work toward a goal where they feel comfortable enough to trust that I am on their side and would never pass judgment on them. I've come along way with these clients and I'm happy to say that they are doing great! They come in regularly and appear to be very comfortable and at ease and that makes me very happy! 

        When I am giving a massage in any modality (different styles of massage) all I see are muscles. I'm feeling the muscles, I'm feeling what they are doing, how to heal them to make you feel your very best. I will always keep your modesty in tact, I will never do anything you don't want me to do. 

         I have also had bad experiences with massage therapists. Not all therapists are the same, most are accepting of everyone, but not all. I'm not one of those therapists that tell everyone that all massage therapists are the kindest people on earth, that's just not true. I'm also not "bashing" all massage therapists either, but I have been turned down from LMT's who didn't want to work on me because I was "too big" or "not the right client base", I even over heard someone I went to school with call me "disgusting" when he didn't think I could hear him and said he would never work on anyone "fat like her". To me, that is unacceptable thinking and terribly hurtful. There are those kinds of people out there, and I am not one of them. I am accepting of everyone. No one should be turned away because of the way they look. 

         So, answer this, are you one of the many that have aches and pains and would benefit from a massage but don't feel comfortable getting undressed or being touched? If not, do you know someone like that? If so, than send them my way. I specialize in relaxation massage, and body positive space. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE deserves to feel good and not feel judged!