As a lot of you may know, there is construction to repair the sewer lines in the neighborhood where I work.  I have had quite a lot of people call to make appointments and then back out once they know of the construction saying "I can't relax with construction noises going on outside".  I can understand this, however let me put your minds at ease.


      Most days I don't even hear the construction going on. I see big trucks go by throughout the day but that's about all.  When I'm in my office working, I have the window closed (that helps keep the noise out), I have the window A/C on, I have a fountain on, and I have music playing.  With sound of the a/c, the music and the trickling water sound, the noises from outside are pretty much drowned out.  So you don't hear the construction at all. 

       Now, I have tried to alleviate much of the worry that potential clients have had about the construction to no avail. I really hope this helps. It's still very easy to get here, as only a few side streets are currently closed. You can still just turn down 41st from Hawthorne with no problems, or if you are coming from up toward 60th you can drive all the way down Harrison to 41st and turn. Harrison is closed just after 41st however, so one would not be able to turn on to Harrison from 39th.  

          All in all, the main point I'm trying to make is that the construction is not an issue.  It's not very noisy and there are still many ways to get here with no issues at all. So if you are at all nervous about the construction thinking you won't be able to relax with the "noise" or that it is "too difficult to get to", please let me put your mind at ease and tell you those things are not anything you need to worry yourself about. 

    When you come in you will still get a top quality, incredibly relaxing, body melting experience. You will be so happy you came in, that you'll want to tell all your friends and family.

      I have some wonderful specials going on this week so please check them out on the "Specials" page. Call/text/email/Facebook message on senso massage fb page/ or use the contact us page on this website to make your appointments. You'll be happy you did.