For those who don't know what Fangotherapy is or what the benefits are this is the post for you.

     I was doing a full body fangotherapy today and realized that no one ever books for one. I kept thinking to myself, why?
It's so relaxing, and feels amazing, how could anyone pass this up?  Then it hit me, because no one knows what the heck it is. So here you go, lets get a little dirty and talk mud!

   So what is Fangotherapy?  Well Fango is the Italian word for mud. So it is a mud therapy, although some spas use clay, and pete, it is most common to use mud. Not just any mud however, mud from the dead sea. This is all I ever use, and it is great! Did I mention that it's hot and painted on? How does that not sound fabulous?

    I'm sure your asking yourself, "why dead sea mud, what makes that so special?" Well let me tell you.

There are a whole plethora of healing properties of this very special mud. 
Dead Sea Mud holds heat very well and is packed full of minerals. The mud is heated to 115 degrees F.  The fact that it stays warm is really helpful with many chronic conditions where having applied heat is most helpful. It helps stimulate circulation, lymph flow, and detoxification, and also has some anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Studies have shown that mud from the dead sea region is filled with all sorts micro organisms, and tons of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and bromine. It works very well to help with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, and respiratory disease, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and has been known to help with the pain associated with fibromyalgia. 

        Of course this isn't a "cure-all", but can greatly help with all these symptoms. Here's a picture of someone who used dead sea mud soap on their face to help with their acne. (Note: I don't know how long they used it for). You can see a great improvement. With this kind of result they must of been using it on a daily basis or just about. I do not use a dead sea mud soap but dead sea mud its self which is packed full of all the earthy goodness. To really see results with a Fangotherapy spa treatment, you would want to do this regularly, which can get a bit expensive or does it?


     Fangotherapy can be expensive, but to keep up on it and see results you don't HAVE to do this everyday. Once a month would even work. Many places (like me) offer spa packages. If you ask me to make a custom spa package and price it out, keeping in mind that ALL of my packages get a discount, I'll probably say yes. So it's actually cheaper to buy a package than to buy it individually. With me all my packages are valid for 6 months at a time and you get three treatments in a package. If you wanted to do one treatment a month to regulate a skin condition or arthritis or you just really want to relax this would be the best way to go about it. 

          Now you know the benefits of this luxurious treatment, so here's how I do it so you get the maximum benefits. Also keep in mind LMT's (licensed massage therapist) cannot put this on your face unless they are also an aesthetician. Being an LMT I can however put this anywhere else on the body. Back, arms, hands, legs,feet,chest,abdomen, ect. anywhere but the face. 

          I start off by using an exfoliating pad or scrub brush and use hot water and hypoallergenic soap to cleanse the skin of oils, and dead skin. Then I paint the hot mud where ever requested (usually the back, arms and legs). I cover it with plastic wrap, this keeps the heat in and prevents the mud from drying out and getting everywhere. Once the plastic is on I cover you back up with the blankets to keep you nice and warm. After about 20 minutes or so it's time to remove the mud. Using hot towels I drape them over the mud and gently clean it away. Now since the mud doesn't exactly smell like roses I offer my clients the choice to have a custom mixed scented lotion, which is also heated. Notice the theme of everything being hot. I apply the hot scented lotion and massage the areas that had the mud treatment. Now finish up with a cooling spritzer. I have 6 different scents of that as well. The point of the cooling spritzer is to close the pores to keep the moister and all those minerals in. It also serves to revitalize the skin and "wake" you up a bit from the warm and soothing treatment. 


     It's important to remember that this is a detoxifying treatment and you need to stay very hydrated for the next 24-48 hours. If you don't drink enough water for the next day or two you could start to feel queasy, and could feel flu like symptoms and quite possibly if you are just too dehydrated you could vomit. Although it is rare it could happen. It can all be prevented by simply drinking enough water. Most people, notice I said most not all, feel quite rejuvenated after this treatment and have more energy, and healthier skin and decreased soft tissue pain. 

        This may seem like one of those things that you get because it sounds fancy and it's just a luxury to treat yourself or for someone else to treat you to, but it really does have some wonderful health benefits and can make you feel absolutely spectacular. If you haven't tried it, you may want to. Why not? It could be the answer to what you were looking for. Give it a try, you might just like it. :)

                                Martina LMT 18248