Please read carefully as there are several new policies and changes.

Hours: New hours are as follows: Tuesday- Friday 12pm-5pm (Last 60 min apt at 4pm, last 90 min apt at 3:30pm), Saturday 12pm-4pm (Last 60 min apt at 3pm, last 90 min apt at 2:30pm)

Appointments: Same day appointments are no longer available. All appointments need to be made at least before 8pm the day before. All spa treatments need to be made a mininum of 24 hours in advance. Please no phone calls, or texts after 8pm. 

Punch Cards: To redeem a full punch card you must have the physical card and it must be presented with all 5 holes punched by me. If you forget to bring it in, it doesn't count, or you can start a new card. No exceptions. No other promotions, deals or specials may be combined with the punch card. 

Promotions: Reviews are great and always appreciated. The promotion of recieving 15 free minutes for every positive review is a great insentive. However, the rules are vague, here's what you need to know: You may post as many reviews as you wish, however, only 3 will count towards the promotion and they must be on 3 different sites. As a thank you, for your first review, I'll double the 15 minutes to a free half hour. They will no longer be stackable and cannot be combined with other sale or promotion items, this includes a full punch card. They can only be used on 60 minute treatments.

Price Changes: Due to the rising cost of supplies and other expenses, there are going to be a few price changes. A 60 minute Swedish massage will now be $55. A 90 minute Swedish massage will now be $75. A 60 minute Deep tissue will now be $80. A 90 minute Deep tissue will now be $95. This will change the prices of certain packages. For a list of the new prices for the packages you may email me at or wait until the new prices are posted on my website: , and here on massage book. 

All of these changes will go into effect on August 19th, 2018