As of January 1st 2014 There are some changes in how I will be dealing with my punch cards. 
I've been having some problems with people forgetting their cards and expecting me to remember all their appointments so I can sign their cards when they remember to bring them in, also people have been booking appointments and then at the end of the massage telling me they want to use their full punch card but they don't have it with them and they want me to just "take their word for it" and they'll bring it in next time. All that is changing!

    If you don't have your punch card with you at the time of your massage, it does NOT count on your punch card. I can't remember everything from everybody, so bring it in or it doesn't count. 

    If you have a full punch card, tell me when you make your appointment and bring your card with you. If you do not bring your card with you, than you are responsible for the FULL price of the massage for that day. 

    These new policies are just like any other business with their punch card system, so this is nothing out of the ordinary. I really like it when people use the punch cards and don't want them to stop, however I need people to respect the system. A big Thank you is in order for all the people that use it and use it well. Much appreciated :) 

        Hope you are all having a great New Year. 

            ~Martina L.M.T.